E - Charging Station

Electric Vehicle Charging Station


- Direct Charging Device to Vehicle’s Battery received AC Input from System Power to DC Output  
- All Type of Battery Chargeable
Charged at the Charging Mode for Battery in response to information of Charging Scenario through a communication with BMS, which is mounted on a vehicle.
Easy to Mount and Easy To Use
Secured and Safe Design

Mobile Charging Station

FEATURES & Specification
-Multi Type USB Charging Points
2 Android (Micro USB)
2 Android (C Type)
2 Apple ( Lightning Fast)
-Unit dimensions: 14” x 18” x 4”
-Custom graphics included
-Extra large billboard for additional branding and storage space
-Easy setup – works with one standard outlet
-Constructed of commercial grade M.S. Powder Coat
-All India Delivery


- Charge up to 32 tablets at the same time.
- Move tablets easily from room to room. 
- Mix and match tablets, with or without covers.
- The smallest 20-bay charging trolley on the market.
- Ideal for use in schools, hospitals and more.
- Customized as Per Customer Requirement

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